Atomy Products

Atomy the Online Global Hypermarket

The most notable feature of Atomy products


The most important  feature of  Atomy products
can be best explained by the Atomy’s motto
– Absolute Quality Absolute Price


What is Absolute Quality?


Absolute Quality means the Best Quality Possible. 

In fact, Atomy is so confident of its product quality
that it provides 


Just return any unused portion to claim your refund, within 30 days

Statistically, the Percentage of Refund
of Atomy goods is a low 0.08%
 (8 items returned out of 10,000 items shipped,
usually due to members wrongly ordering goods online.)

What is Absolute Price?

Absolute Price means the Lowest Price Possible
commensurating with the quality

Absolute Price can best be illustrated by the following
Price Surveys of some common consumer goods

Why pay more?

Most if not all the above brand name eye creams
do not manufacture the products themselves.

Manufacturing are outsourced to a company
called Kolmar, a United States company 
specializing in OEM/OED manufacture
of cosmetics and skin care products. 

Kolmar has more than 100 years’ experience
in cosmetic and skin care industry
and operates 9 branches worldwide, including S.Korea

Brand name companies like Shiseido, Channel, Lancome etc.
used these products  OEM manufactured  by Kolmar;
Promotions and advertisements are done
under their already famous brand names

All Atomy skin care products
are from the same origin, Kolmar

Kolmar (Korea) is in joint venture with KAERI
(Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute
– a Korean government nuclear research facility)
The JV Company is called Kolmar BNH 

KAERI’s contribution to Kolmar BNH 
is the provision Research  & Development
in the nuclear field for the manufacture of high end cosmetics 

Among the technologies invented and patented by KAERI are:

* Fresh Herb Extraction Technology
* High Purification Technology
* Fermentation Technology
* Multiple Capsulation Delivery Technology

All cosmetic and skin care products 
manufactured by Kolmar BNH 
using the above patented technologies 
are marketed exclusively by Atomy
in its line of award-winning beauty care products

Why are Atomy product prices so Affordable and Competitive?

Ever since Atomy started business in Korea 11 years ago,
it has never increased the product prices.

Atomy’s GSGS Strategy

Using the GSGS (Global Sourcing Global Sales) Strategy, 

Atomy sources for the best product(s) from various countries,
negotiates for the best and fairest prices and terms,
give them access to Atomy’s distribution channels 
and bring it to  its customer all around the globe at the best prices. 
It is a win win situation for everybody:
– For Atomy members:  reasonable prices of good quality goods 
– For product suppliers: fair, assured prices for their products 
plus a large and ready market  of worldwide Atomy members  

Atomy’s Aza Mall

Aza mall is already a reality in South Korea.
It is a sister online shopping mall of Atomy
but for consumer goods
not produced by Atomy or produced on behalf of Atomy.

Aza mall deals with popular consumer goods ,
like snack foods, shoes, apparels, electrical appliances,
smartphones, PCs,  sports equipment etc.
and familiar brand names like Samsung, LG, Nike, Swarovski etc.

Think of it as another
Though there will be no difference in prices between Aza Mall
and the market place, Atomy members shopping at Aza Mall 
will earn PVs which will further boost their incomes

Atomy will replicate the AzaMall for members in other countries.